The Suicide Squad (2021) – Spoiler Free Review

Have you ever fallen in love with a movie? Like, a love-at-first-sight, head-over-heels, grinning like a mad woman sort of love?

That’s how I felt after being invited to not one, but TWO advanced screenings of The Suicide Squad before it released the beginning of August, and then watching two more times in theaters, before numerous other home watches on HBO Max.

Everything about this movie feels like the perfect definition of a comic book movie. It feels like a comic brought to life. Over the top, full of insanity and heart and everything that makes me adore the Suicide Squad comics. I debated if this was my new favorite after the first viewing. But the second viewing confirmed: The Suicide Squad is my #1 favorite comic book movie.

One of the things that I really adored, that really brought the movie an extra touch of comic book flare, were the transition scenes. When you see the film, you’ll understand what I’m referring to. They capture that feeling of reading through a graphic novel, and at what would be the start of a new issue in a story arc, you have these brilliant transitions.

The cast shines, each with their own amount of spotlight, each trying to steal the show. The feelings we develop for each character raises the emotional stakes for the audience and makes the concern very, very real for each character.

Of course, I’m a Harley obsessed fan (peep my Harley Quinn collection room tour if you didn’t know), and I must say – I’ve loved every version of Harley that Margot Robbie has played, but this performance was absolutely spectacular. Honestly, my favorite yet. I couldn’t be more proud as a life long fan.

Regarding if you need to see Suicide Squad (2016) – you don’t, necessarily. However, The Suicide Squad (2021) does not erase what was created in the 2016 version. Relationships and characters from that film still exist. Just think of this movie as a new mission. After all, the comics have an ever changing cast of Task Force X members. Why can’t the movies?

And yes – definitely stick around after the credits for a bonus scene.


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