Harley Quinn: Eat, Bang! Kill Tour Review

Well, Harlivy fans have hit the jackpot with this one. Anyone who follows me knows I love a good comparison or reference to previous stories and this comic run is packed with Easter eggs throughout. We see the purest intentions of Harley and Ivy’s relationship come to fruition on the pages of a run we’ve all yearned for. It’s all REAL this time, no queer baiting, no cliffhangers, no nasty companies saying it’s “too risky”. Wholesome goodness for us to enjoy.The team works incredibly well together to share with us something so special for the fans. A love letter to Harlivy fans and I’m never returning to sender!

Follow them on Twitter for more! Writer: @MizTeeFranklin Artist: @max_sarin Colorist: @marissadraws Letterer: @TaylorEspo

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Harley Quinn Appearances in Batman Detective Comics 


Ruka . Cariello . Pennington . 

An Earth shattering Earthquake forces all residents of Gotham out of the city, leaving behind the city’s criminal underworld; they call it No Man’s Land. Harley shows up briefly here, introducing Joker shortly before running into Bane and  Mercy Graves; Lex Luthor’s assistant and bodyguard. They warn The Joker and Harley to lay off on Luthor’s business.

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