Harley Quinn Appearances in Batman Detective Comics 


Ruka . Cariello . Pennington . 

An Earth shattering Earthquake forces all residents of Gotham out of the city, leaving behind the city’s criminal underworld; they call it No Man’s Land. Harley shows up briefly here, introducing Joker shortly before running into Bane and  Mercy Graves; Lex Luthor’s assistant and bodyguard. They warn The Joker and Harley to lay off on Luthor’s business.



The Joker and Harley have taken Huntress to lure Batman and Nightwing to their trap. It’s quite horrific; Joker kidnaps 36 infants and threatens an explosion, on Christmas Day of all day’s. Harley dressed as Joker as a diversion for Batman. Eventually he catches her and she gives up the location of the babies. She begs for her life; Batman let’s her go. She doesn’t reappear in this issue after here, however,I won’t get into the gory details of the ending, I’ll allow you to experience that at your own free will. 


“Kind of Like Family”
Dini . Kramer . Faucher . Kalisz .

Harley is kidnapped from Arkham Asylum, I guess you could say broken out but she wasn’t clued in on the plan. Joking aside, this is one of my favourite Harley stories. It shows how far a little bit of kindness can go, how much it can mean to someone.
Mr. Scarface has taken Harley and asks a favour of her. Scarface’s previous “handler”, Arnie, has suspiciously died.

Harley plays along, agreeing to do her part, and breaks into a franchise;  only to sell Scarface and his new partner out to Commissioner Gordon.

 We learn her reasons are due to the original Ventriloquist cheering Harley up and persuading her decisions on whether or not to do the “maximum checkout” in her cell; (commit suicide). He performs a puppet show for her, causing her to laugh for the first time in weeks.
Batman takes her back to Arkham only for another hearing to take place. She discovers Bruce Wayne changed his vote resulting in Harley being released from the asylum. 


Dini . Benitez . Llamas. Kalisz. Fletcher

Harley only cameo’s in this issue, however, she of course is her typical humorous, adorable self and it is a good story about a Poison Ivy adventure. 


“Honor Among Thieves
Dini. Kramer. Faucher

Harley has taken residence at Athenian Women’s Help Shelter with hope for a new way of life. This doesn’t last long as The Riddler shows up looking for her. We enjoy their civil friendship here as they work together to solve a missing persons case. We hear all about Harley’s Secret Six experience and see her in springy action alongside Amazons!

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