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Harley Quinn #15 Review

The Verdict is in! This new arc in Harley Quinn has everyone on edge as our beloved clown is falsely accused of murder! How will she prove herself innocent, if she’s known for changing on a dime from good to bad. This week’s issue dives deep into action and suspense and heartwarmingly hilarious dialogue as Harley Quinn and Batwoman team up to help clear her name. Verdicts identity is finally revealed as Sam, Kevin’s partner! Will Harley give her a second chance?
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Harley Quinn #12 Review

Stephanie Phillips – Writer
Riley Rossmo – Artist
Ivan Plascencia – Colour
Andworld Design – Letters

Full steam ahead as we’re put on edge this week, giving us the conclusion to the math madness. Harley manages to save Kevin from Keepsakes catastrophic plan; Kevin was tied to train tracks, leaving Harley in a predicament, having to choose Kevin or Gotham City, she succeeds in saving both by defusing the bomb.  

The run is doing a great job introducing new friendships and bonds between Harley and others. Some being familiar faces we all know and love, and plenty of new characters on the scene also. Personally, I adore the bond between Kevin and Harley; it’s the kind of energy I look for in a true friend. 

Stephanie Phillips is fantastic; she understands a perfect balance in Harley’s tempo. Her thoughts and actions are exactly what you would expect from a character of her mentality. There is so much progress happening and much more room for growth and exploration of the character. Riley Rossmo’s art really coincides with the story and tone. He uses Harley’s bows to emote her so often, it’s my favourite aspect of any art he does of her. Such a unique and distinguishable style I adore anything he’s a part of. It’s playful and perfect for our favourite jester!

When you thought we were just getting settled; a new character is thrown into the mix. “The Verdict”. Now I don’t know about you but I thought Keepsake was a super cool villain and as bad as they come, but this new girl seems to be more trouble than most and I simply cannot wait to watch the chaos unfold!! 

-Violet ❤ 

Suicide Squad: Blaze Review

Simon Spurrier  – Writer 
Jordie Bellaire – Colourist 
Aaron Campbell  – Artist
Aditya Bidikar – Letterer 

DC Black Label’s Suicide Squad: Blaze is here and it is explosively violent, gory, sickeningly endearing, and as equally as humorous. A real cannibalistic, Tokyo Ghoul-type villain is literally ripping people to shreds for a yummy treat. It’s up to senior members of the Suicide Squad to mentor rookies in the field. The rookies? They are given superpowers! Cool right? Well not exactly, you see, the rookies die within a couple of months of receiving said powers.

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Harley Quinn: Eat, Bang! Kill Tour Review

Well, Harlivy fans have hit the jackpot with this one. Anyone who follows me knows I love a good comparison or reference to previous stories and this comic run is packed with Easter eggs throughout. We see the purest intentions of Harley and Ivy’s relationship come to fruition on the pages of a run we’ve all yearned for. It’s all REAL this time, no queer baiting, no cliffhangers, no nasty companies saying it’s “too risky”. Wholesome goodness for us to enjoy.The team works incredibly well together to share with us something so special for the fans. A love letter to Harlivy fans and I’m never returning to sender!

Follow them on Twitter for more! Writer: @MizTeeFranklin Artist: @max_sarin Colorist: @marissadraws Letterer: @TaylorEspo

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Harley Quinn Appearances in Batman Detective Comics 


Ruka . Cariello . Pennington . 

An Earth shattering Earthquake forces all residents of Gotham out of the city, leaving behind the city’s criminal underworld; they call it No Man’s Land. Harley shows up briefly here, introducing Joker shortly before running into Bane and  Mercy Graves; Lex Luthor’s assistant and bodyguard. They warn The Joker and Harley to lay off on Luthor’s business.

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