Harley Quinn #15 Review

The Verdict is in! This new arc in Harley Quinn has everyone on edge as our beloved clown is falsely accused of murder! How will she prove herself innocent, if she’s known for changing on a dime from good to bad. This week’s issue dives deep into action and suspense and heartwarmingly hilarious dialogue as Harley Quinn and Batwoman team up to help clear her name. Verdicts identity is finally revealed as Sam, Kevin’s partner! Will Harley give her a second chance?
Phillips holds the leader board of peak character development constantly feeding us new information about how Harley ticks, it is masterful, relatable and darn right juicy! There’s even a call back to her beloved hyenas which I hope we see again one day, so close this time but maybe they will be arriving soon. Or maybe Harley simply wanted to go and visit the zoo? Overall, Phillips has a strong understanding of Harley’s persona and never fails to build onto that. I must credit how much attention she pays to Harley’s development as well as giving us great stories.
Rossmo is ingenious and poised with his art making sure to lick every page  with as much detail and fluid movement. I live for his action scenes as he shows us step by step how to kick some ass! Not to mention his delegation of Gotham City, it truly feels as if we are living under the claustrophobic construction of the damned city. He’s been a master with Harley’s flashbacks this entire run, I simply cannot get enough!
Plascencia’s passion pours into every page as he fills the colours with marvellous tones and depths. You can feel how much love and enjoyment comes from his work and we are blessed he shares his skills with us. Cherry on top perfectly placed letters by AndWorld Design. I’d recommend hopping on this series now as Harley is set for fantastic adventures this August, with an issue releasing every week! Verdict will be there, along with Bronze Tiger and Killer Frost, how exciting!
Harley Quinn #21 Cover by Jonboy Meyers

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