Harley-ween: Harley Quinn Halloween Shopping Guide 2021

Every year, it seems like we get more and more Harley at Halloween. Logical, considering we’re up to three live action film appearances. But whether you love it or hate it – Harley will likely be everywhere for Halloween 2021.

So, here are some places we’ve been to so far that definitely have Harley Quinn merch and costumes out for the Halloween season:

Spirit Halloween

I appreciate that Spirit has been adding to their Harley costumes every year. While I’d love to see more variety – a classic suit, some video game appearances, even something for the animated Harley Quinn series – I am still over the moon that we have THIS much Harley out at once. As someone that squealed and lost her marbles over finding a somewhat terrible Harley jester suit in a Halloween shop once, years before anyone knew who she was – getting any Harley stuff like this makes my heart scream with joy.


So far, Walmart has just had out this budget friendly The Suicide Squad costume, though they usually have some other version of Harley available for younger girls.

Hot Topic

Since before The Suicide Squad released in theaters, Hot Topic has had a display and easy cosplay solutions out in stores: the pants, corset, and jacket for those wanting to see the film in style, as well as the boots, her dress, etc available online. Hot Topic has some other Halloween options online as well: including Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

Party City

The younger Harley fans have options, as well as the adults. Though at our Party City, the adults had images of what you COULD have, none of the costumes were in stock:

So far, that’s all I’ve spotted IN store. If I find more stores with goodies, I’ll make a part two!

What have you all found so far?


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