PoisonQuinn – JB x PUMA

It’s safe to say most everyone is in love with every bit of art that Jen Bartel produces. And Harley fans especially adore her interpretations of our favorite clown girl.

And now we’re all rejoicing because she’s once again collaborating with Puma for a new line featuring both Harley and Ivy. Re

For more images than seen here, check out this post by Jen!

Launching June 10th through Footlocker, both Harley and Ivy get their own shoes that complement each other beautifully.

For obvious reasons, I’m mainly drooling over Harley’s shoes.

But, the Ivy shoes are absolutely stunning. And honestly? My wallet is a little scared temptation will win and I’ll try to get both.

Plus – shirts!

What’s your favorite piece in the PoisonQuinn line from the Jen Bartel x Puma collab? Will you be buying anything?

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