Review – Harley Quinn and The Joker: Sound Mind

From the Spotify description:

“You’re still the same Harleen, huh? Patron saint of lost causes.”

I was immediately intrigued when a Harley Quinn podcast was announced starring Christina Ricci as Harley. I made the tough decision to wait until all the episodes were out and I had the proper focus to give my full attention as I listened. Even going so far as to take notes while I listened.

First off – I absolutely loved this series.

Hearing these interactions between Harleen and the Joker in their early stages has a mesmerizing effect. Despite the multiple previous interactions of Dr. Quinzel and her patient (Batman: the Animated Series, TV, books, comics, etc), it still holds its own and has something special in this particular rendition.

Harleen is a behavioral counselor in Arkham Asylum, 18 months after Batman has begun his career as the Caped Crusader. There’s something touching about how much she cares about her patients, as well as something incredibly fun about hearing her interact with different members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. But the compassion she shows not only for those patients, but also her own father, makes her immediately endearing.

I love the manipulation between Harleen and the Joker. There’s definitely some mutual manipulation, but from the start Harleen isn’t afraid of Joker, and uses his ego to manipulate him into doing what she wants.

The danger and tension builds slowly despite the fast pace of the podcast story.

It’s obvious Joker has reverence for her, some genuine sort of love, even if it’s a strange fixation. He wants her attention and approval and this makes him open to her manipulation. While obviously this isn’t a healthy, normal relationship by any means, it’s still such a good story. They make Harleen feel like she’s much more his equal. And just as much of a threat.

If you haven’t listened to Harley Quinn and The Joker: Sound Mind, then head on over to Spotify right now and give it a listen! You won’t regret it.

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