First Looks at Lady Gaga as Harley/Harleen in Joker: Folie à Deux

We were all blessed with this first teaser image from Todd Phillips on Valentine’s Day 2023. Everyone has been waiting to see what they’re doing with Lady Gaga in Joker: Folie à Deux. It was safe to assume, between the red and black promo, and the movie title itself that we were getting a Harley Quinn in this universe.

While we still only know so much, my theory for a sequel idea after watching Joker in theaters originally was that Arthur had been failed by everyone around him, and someone sympathetic (like, say, a psychiatrist after he’s been incarcerated?) could be just the sort of spark to connect him to her, and drive her into his darkness. Aka – I immediately figured Harley would be a logical sequel choice. Now whether or not she is a psychiatrist or something close to that in the film, we don’t know for sure yet.

But what we do know? These set shots are absolutely HYPING up the fans.

Anyone else willing to pay good money for one of those papers? Because same.

And of course, I’m swooning over the stills of Gaga dancing down the stairs:

Plus, the Harleen/before shots as she ascends the stairs (before her descent into madness):

I’m so very excited for this movie, and to see this all come together. Already need to start planning my outfit.

Joker: Folie à Deux is set to release currently October 4th, 2024.

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