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Zavvi x Batman Mash Up Collection

Our new Batman Mash Up collection takes iconic imagery from the famous comic book franchise, and gives it a street art inspired makeover.

To celebrate Batman Day on Saturday 18th September, Zavvi has created The Batman Mash Up
Collection in partnership with Warner Bros. The collection celebrates our favourite brands with the
iconic DC Comics Characters in a torn collage aesthetic. Centred around Batman the collection
features products from our own brand ranges; Original Hero, Akedo, Moth, Milliner and Decorsome.”

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Oddball Items: The Whack-a-Villain Harley

Image: Bat-Blog.com

One of my favorite things to collect when it comes to Harley merchandise is oddball, rare items. They’re interesting, usually have a story to them, and stand out on the shelves in a sea of red and black.

So let’s talk about one of my most curious of collectibles: the Harley piece from the Batman Whack-a-Villain arcade game.

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