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Review – Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red


Black, white, and now READ for the first time in print!

One of the crown jewels of the DC library is the inimitable, Harvey Award-nominated Batman Black & White–innovative short tales of the Caped Crusader, told purely in primal black and white. Unfortunately, now Harley Quinn wants in on the action…and she’s got her red pen, and some notes.

In Harley Quinn Black + White + Red, 19 tales of Gotham City’s craziest clown princess are presented in nothing but black, white, and bold splashes of red. See how Harley’s story unfolds in worlds beyond the DC Universe, in the alternate timelines of Batman: White Knight, Harleen, and the Harley Quinn animated series! Witness her darkest hours and her happiest moments! Wait, did she just…win an underground rap battle?!

An incredible array of award-winning talent from across the comics industry (like Stjepan Sejić, Sean Murphy & Katana Collins, Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, and many more) have put their reputations in jeopardy to bring you these stories–so show a little gratitude, will ya? (And hey, not for nothin’, but they got nominated for a Harvey Award too. Anything you can do, Harley can do better, Bat-brain!

This volume collects Harley Quinn Black + White + Red #1-17, alongside two all-new, never-before-seen stories–from Veep writer David Mandel and superstar artist Adam Hughes, and from Harley’s co-creator, Paul Dini, with Batman: The Animated Series legend Kevin Altieri!”

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Poppy Tierney – Bringing Harley to Life on Stage in Batman Live! World Arena Tour

In 2011-2012, the theatrical production by Allan Heinberg called Batman Live! stole the hearts of many fans – myself included, when I had the chance to see it on the St Louis leg of the US tour.

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Oddball Items: The Whack-a-Villain Harley

Image: Bat-Blog.com

One of my favorite things to collect when it comes to Harley merchandise is oddball, rare items. They’re interesting, usually have a story to them, and stand out on the shelves in a sea of red and black.

So let’s talk about one of my most curious of collectibles: the Harley piece from the Batman Whack-a-Villain arcade game.

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First Appearance: Batman The Animated Series

Show: Batman: The Animated Series


Air Date: September 11th, 1992

Episode Title: Joker’s Favor

Appearance: First appearance, ever.

On September 11th, 1992, Bat Fans tuned in for the B:TAS episode “Joker’s Favor”, ready to see the Caped Crusader battle it out yet again with the Clown Prince of Crime. Little did anyone realize, they were also meeting one of the most popular characters of recent years for the very first time.

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